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Reduce Your  Exposure To Predatory FDCPA/TCPA Litigation Today With The Most Accurate & Complete Searchable Database In The Collection Industry

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                 "The Subscription Service that every Agency, Direct Marketer, Creditor Rights Attorney, and Debt Buyer should have"

FDCPA/TCPA Litigation is a fact of life for every collection agency, debt buyer and creditor rights attorney. In 2020, 7427  cases were filed against collection agencies, creditor rights law firms, and direct marketers in U.S. District Court for alleged violations of the FDCPA and TCPA. This represents 217% increase in FDCPA/TCPA litigation in Federal Court  over 2007 case volumes.

The average agency today handles hundreds of thousands of accounts.  How many of these individuals that have sued other agencies in the past are in your files that you don't know about? Do you know which 5 states represent almost half of all FDCPA/TCPA cases filed in the United States? A subscription from FDCPA Case Listing Service LLCSM will provide that information for you.



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